How to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinets for You

Wondering which type of kitchen cabinet you should get? There are several things you need to consider when buying a kitchen cabinet – the construction quality and type are most important.

When it comes to types, there are four you can choose from:



This type is 36-inch tall and 24-inch wide. Certain custom and partially custom types can be made 27-inch wide. The base type is placed on top of a toe kick, which is a riser that has four inches and is used to make the cabinet easier to use.


This is a 12-inch deep usually, but it can be created as a 17-inch wide cabinet.


Tall kitchen cabinets are used for storage for food or cleaning items and are usually 83.5-inch tall.

Specialty units

These kitchen cabinets have a purpose of making most use of space in your kitchen and improve organization. They can be suspended cabinets, corner units, bottle racks, hutches and similar.

Cabinet quality grades

According to the construction quality, cabinets belong to four groups which include custom, semi-custom, stock and RTA or ready-to assemble cabinets.

RTA or cabinets that are ready to assemble are generally affordable and are readily available. These types can be found and purchased in chain stores selling home-related products. They come in boxes and need to be assembled. If you decide to buy this type, you should be capable and experienced in setting it up. Also, make sure that the construction is strong as these cabinets are prone to deterioration over time.

Stock cabinets are economical, basic in design, and are bought pre-sized. These cabinets are offered in certain sizes that are fixed and can’t be changed. They are massively produced and thus don’t offer versatility. These come in separate units that can be constructed on the designated place. Depending on the choice of manufacturers, these cabinets can be made from particleboard, melamine, plastic or wood. Typically, you’ll have to pay for the installation.



Semi-custom kitchen cabinets are usually somewhere in the middle in terms of affordability. The selection of materials and styles is a bit broader compared to other types of cabinets. The construction quality is generally very good and you can also choose sizes of these cabinets. There are fixed sizes but you can choose them to be deeper. The prices are pretty reasonable and you can choose from a variety of different styles, personalized appearance, materials and other features. Semi-custom kitchen cabinets might be stock items with customized doors, finishes or materials. Also, if you buy this cabinet type, you generally don’t have pay for installation.


Custom kitchen cabinets are high-end types. These are entirely designed and made according to preferences of a buyer. When it comes to styles, accessories, materials and finishes – these offer most diverse options. If this is your choice of kitchen cabinet, it can be tailor-made in terms of size, and designs that are truly innovative. Prices are on the higher side of the spectrum, but you get a unique kitchen cabinet that is perfectly fitted for a designated place in your kitchen. These kitchen cabinets are superior when it comes to construction – they offer durability so they are a long-term investment. Custom cabinets are made just like pieces of furniture, offering unlimited possibilities. Installation of these cabinets is included in the overall price.

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