Basic Home Maintenance Tips

If you live in a house, making it look good and function properly without any major damages and issues takes time and has to be done at regular designated intervals. Otherwise, you might completely overlook that there is paint peeling from walls, or that grass is overgrown in your yard or many things that can get broken both inside and outside of your home. By checking certain things and maintaining them on a regular basis, you’ll be able to avoid any major damages. These include maintenance of heating system, plumbing, checking gutters and similar.

To avoid this from happening, it’s best that you follow some basic home maintenance tips:

Use a Calendar for Home Maintenance


You can use technology as a reminder what types of repairs or checks you need to complete each season. You’ll basically just be reminded of different basic tasks for home maintenance. Use a Google calendar or any other you prefer.

Most maintenance and repair tasks are done in the spring or fall, which will make you prepared for cleaning of the entire house that’s usually done in the spring or make you spend the winter without any problems.

What Should Be Done in the Fall?


There are some important checkups that are done in October and November, and have to do with waterproofing and checking the heating system.


  • Take window screens and repair them if needed. Replace your windows with storm ones.
  • Seal the windows, which will prevent your home from getting colder and losing heating energy. It will also help you cut the bills.
  • You need to check if the roof has any damages, holes or leaks. Check the vents for pests.
  • Chimney should be checked as well, for pests, leaks and damages.
  • You yard needs to be cleaned, trees and shrubbery trimmed.
  • Gutters need to be cleaned to prevent any clogging. You can use covers to keep them clean.
  • Organize garden tools – clean, grease and store them.
  • Any pieces of furniture on your patio need to be covered carefully with materials that are waterproof.


  • The detectors for carbon monoxide and smoke and fire extinguishers need to be checked to ensure they work properly. Test the appliances and check their batteries too.
  • Protect the AC or remove it.
  • Go to the attic and check if there are any damages, leaks or animals.
  • If you use radiators for heating, bleed them. This however, shouldn’t be done when you are using the system, as there would be boiling water
  • Refrigerator coils need to be cleaned and vacuumed
  • Check the bathroom and kitchen, all the cabinets, and tiles for any damage or leaks.

What Should Be Done in the Spring?

Yard work around the house trimming Thuja trees or Arborvitae with a middle-aged man standing on a stepladder using a hedge trimmer to retain the tapering ornamental shape

Many checkups that you complete in the fall should also be done in the spring. The difference is that you need to prepare the house and yard for warm weather. Spring home maintenance is often done is April or May.


  • Take of storm windows and put screens instead. Wash the windows.
  • Check if the gutters are clean.
  • See if the walls outside of your house are damaged, such as if the paint is peeling or bricks falling off.
  • See if the deck needs to be cleaned and if it contains moss or mold. Clean it with pressure cleaner if necessary.


  • Check detectors for carbon monoxide and smoke and change batteries if necessary.
  • See if there is any mold, moisture and leaks in the basement.
  • Check the bathroom, kitchen, cabinets and tiles for mold, leaks and clean if needed.
  • See if vents in the dryer machine work fine and clean the lint.

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